At Nu Paradigm Foundation we implement evidence-based programs and initiatives that address the root causes of violence and strive for a safer, healthier future for underprivileged communities.

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Welcome to Nu Paradigm Foundation

Working Towards a Safer and Healthier Future

Nu Paradigm Foundation is a group of men, women and organizations working together to redefine a complex public health platform by including the many concomitant forces that contribute to violence and other health disparities within underprivileged communities.

Nu Paradigm Foundation (NPF) supports innovative and integrative initiatives to develop living, thriving communities with a particular focus on persons in underserved communities. NPF is dedicated to the development of self-focused, self-aware and self-sustained Black Communities and persons committed to health, sustainability and thriving successful futures.     



NPF is dedicated to transforming currently underserved, violence prone areas/neighborhoods and their citizens, who are disproportionately and systematically black and brown, into sustainable, thriving communities on a path to futuristic development. Thus reducing criminal behavior and the recidivism rate.


Nu Paradigm Foundation Violence Prevention Program will be innovative in its approach to dealing with the problems of violence that impact communities suffering from the results of systemic economic and health disparities. We will approach it from a public health perspective and take into consideration the concomitant forces that increase violence in communities in despair, such as lack of access to jobs, poor educational systems, lack of adequate healthcare, affordable housing, racism and discrimination. Prior approaches from the fields of criminal justice and medicine tended to focus on violence after the fact.


The NPF framework will address "Root Causes", providing an opportunity to prevent violence from occurring in the first place. Our emphasis will be on reducing access to handguns along with creating economic opportunities in communities of despair as major deterrents to violence.

There will be three interactive components in the Violence Prevention Program (VPP):

  • The Construction Pre-Apprenticeship/Job Training Program.
  • The Role MODELS Program.
  • The Health & Wellness Initiative.

While conceptually distinct, these components are seen as essentially interdependent and interactive programs, so that the VPP may achieve the greatest impact.

 The Community      Collaborative 

  • Build a network of strategic alliances of businesses, organizations and people to assist us towards our goals and objectives.
  • Create a network of minority owned commercial firms, companies and organizations to partner with in order to achieve our goals and objectives.

Nu Paradigm Pre-Apprenticeship Program

  • Disciplines: Carpentry, Masonry, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Painting.
  • Programs in each discipline will have 10-15 students.
  • Baseline assessment to assure best fit for successful outcomes for program applicants includes Learning Styles, Learning Aptitude, Interest and Skill Set.
  • Student Performance Assessment for success and effectiveness.
  • Identify participants who show promise as entrepreneurs and/ or mentors.

Pre-Apprenticeship & Job Training Program

Research suggests that 75% of violence in communities of despair is economically driven. When you look at the highest crime rate in any major area of any major city you will see that more than half of the people in that area are unemployed, homeless and have no training. 
Part of our goal is to combat violence through our Job Training & Mentoring Programs which teach them a viable trade while mentoring them in violence prevention, conflict resolution, trauma life coaching and viable life skills.
NPF Construction Pre-Apprenticeship/Job Training Program will be made up of three components: The Affordable Housing Program, The Strategic Alliance and The Sustainable Community Model.


Acquire 5,000 - 10,000 Properties and use participating General Contractors and Apprentices to restore them to Sustainability and Affordability.

Create covenant with property owners to be participants in a Caring Community.

A Sustainable Community Model manages its human resources and financial capital to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.

Nu Paradigm Foundation's Health and Wellness Initiative.

When "I" is replaced by "We" even Illness becomes Wellness. 

Nu Paradigm Foundation Wellness Initiative is a collaborative of professionals who will provide client/participants with holistic healing, nutritional therapy, yoga/tai chi, special breathing techniques, grief counseling, trauma life coaching, substance abuse counseling and an array of other resources and services.

 MODELS* Program

*Identify areas for leadership and provide     opportunities for persons to cultivate and further develop skills for leadership roles.

* Establish Heroes and She-roes Program to identify persons making significant contributions to learning and community enhancement.

* Develop MLM Awards ("My Life Matter & Making Lives Matter"). Creating awareness and celebrating people taking responsibility for their own lives, and recognizing outstanding grassroots organizations and individuals and their efforts in assisting them. 

Health and Wellness Through School Partnerships 

* Offer Health & Wellness, Meditation and Breath Work in 10 schools throughout the Chicagoland area.

* Structure measurements of impact on learning, concentration and retention.

* Provide Empowerment Activities.

* Develop Podcasts (Using "Ted Talk" Format).

Chicago Coalition for Black Health and Harm Reduction.

A Partnership Between Garfield Counseling Center & Nu Paradigm Fooundation.

This project supports the development of an independent Black-Led Coalition that will address Black Health and Wellness in Chicago by increasing knowledge of and access to harm reduction resources for people who use drugs.

"The success of a Nation begins with the health of its people."
Nu Paradigm Foundation believes that the success of the whole is directly related to the health of its integrated parts.

NPF will support leaders of programs who are committed to working 
integrally towards the success of the whole.

It will support initiatives and/or programs in the following categories/areas: Recovery and Re-Entry * Health & Wellness (physically, mentally, energetically, spiritedness/will) * Community Development for thriving sustainability * Violence Prevention * Role MODELS Program * Affordable Housing * Pre-Apprenticeship Programs * Entrepreneurial Programs * Business Development Investments *     Wealth Building and Management * Nation Building Consciousness:

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